Friday, July 2, 2010

Michael 1 Vending Machine 0

In most buildings here on campus you can find some type of vending machine. The building I happen to work in does not. Whenever there is a need for computer support in the neighboring building we often stop at the vending machine.

Today we were called over to help out. So on the way back we stopped. Micheal, one of my coworkers decided he would try this new bag of chips. He paid, made his selection and as the chip bag fell, it got stuck. This is bad you would think, but no, the vending machine kept spooling and another bag fell out. This bag got stuck on top of the other. Now that is ironic. However, another bag was spooled out and dropped to the bottom. Well, we couldn't just leave those bags sitting there. Michael decided to buy a Butterfinger which was directly behind the trapped bags of chips. Did he want the Butterfinger, no, but he wanted to knock the chips down. It was successful! Michael bought 2 items and walked away with 4. The best part, the chips were delicious. Finally, we were able to strike back at the vending machine for all people everywhere who have had a selected item get stuck.

Michael 1 Vending Machine 0!!