Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baseball fun!

Now that we have three boys we are seeing more and more that our boys want and need more one on one time with Courtney and I. Having a new baby, the older boys get less attention. This is normal when you have a baby who depends on others wholly in order to survive. In an effort to help the older boys to not feel forgotten Court and I have talked about things we could do give them the individualized attention they crave. I thought it would be fun to take one or both older boys to a baseball game.

Saturday was the last game of the regular season for BYU baseball. We decided to take the whole family. It was a lot of fun. The boys didn't care too much about the game. They were more interested in the mascot, Cosmo Cougar. Here are some of the highlights.

Here is everyone with Cosmo. Parker was not too sure about Cosmo.

Xander lost it multiple times whenever the crowd cheered loudly.

Parker was really interested in the folding seats and cup holders for his sippy cup.

Jackson would repeat every cheer or shout I would shout. It was pretty cute.

Throughout the game I would try to explain different things to Jackson who would express interests occasionally.

I told him our team was in white and blue. The rest of the game he would yell out stuff about the "white guys". It was funny.

At one point Jackson cheered for the other team. I told him that we don't cheer for the other team. We want them to get out. He matter of factly told me, "but he wants to be in!" Court, the people in front of us and I couldn't keep from laughing out loud. I said stifling a laugh, "Yes, Jackson. That is true."

He also cheered multiple time while we were on defense. "Nice catch. Good serve!"

Overall, it was a lot of fun and the boys had a great time. Hopefully, we'll continue to find fun things to do with the boys and as a whole family in the future.

Friday, May 20, 2016

New blog cover photo

It has been a while since either one of us has posted anything on this blog.

I logged in recently and noticed our cover photo was from long before Xander had joined us. I decided it needing updating.

Maybe I will post some other photos from this same family/newborn photo shoot in the near future. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Parker is 10 months!

Parker turned 10 months on April 23!  He had a big month for his gross motor skills, and is really starting to get around and explore.  This month, Parker ... 

- became an army crawling machine -- he is super fast, gets around everywhere, and loves to explore new places that he couldn't get to before (like the laundry room, the pantry, and the bathroom); 

- started learning how to pull himself up onto furniture -- he is really proud of himself when he can stand up and he loves the view; 

- learned how to get to a sitting position from laying on the floor; 

- gets into a bridge position (hands and toes on the floor, bum in the air) -- I think he is trying to stand up.  

Here are some other fun things about our little man.  At 10 months, Parker, ... 

- has 4 teeth; 

- takes 2 naps per day that are still inconsistent, and drive me a little crazy at times ;)

- loves to eat -- if we keep giving him food, he will typically keep eating; rather than waiting for him to be done eating we usually just have to stop feeding him; 

- he has liked almost all table food I have given him (even taco meat), with the exception of pasta, but he especially likes string cheese, strawberries, and chicken nuggets;  

- is a little obsessed with opening and closing doors, as is Jackson, which has ended up with fingers closed in the door more than once; 

- claps his hands, and gets a big smile on his face when you clap back; 

- is starting to wave, usually at himself in the mirror, but sometimes at other people too :)

- loves cars, trucks, trains, balls and anything with wheels/that rolls that he can push around the floor; 

- likes to make silly noises, his favorite of which right now is blowing raspberries; 

- enjoys when we sing songs to him;

- LOVES baths and is now taking a bath in the big boy tub with Jackson -- the two of them have a blast splashing in the water, and he loves that he now gets toys; Parker gets so excited when we tell him that it is "tub tub" time; 

- never keeps his socks on!!  He loves to pull them off and chew on them, so I've pretty much stopped putting them on his feet so I don't have to keep track of them ;)

- is quite the little flirt, and actually enjoys sitting and playing with new people (for at least a few minutes); 

- really enjoys watching the big boys run around, and can't wait until he can run around with them; 

- is such a happy boy!  He smiles all the time!

Here are some fun pictures of Parker from last month!
Parker still loves shoes, and crawling under things :)
Parker loves my computer, and one day I let him go to town typing in Microsoft Word.
He proceeded to save and print his document, without my knowledge.
We found it on the printer later that night and had a good laugh :)
Loves checking himself out in the mirror
Even though he eats a lot, he is still pretty skinny and tends to lose his pants
when he is crawling, unless they fit REALLY well :)
LOVE that smile!
And these two goofballs :)
Zooming around the basement
Saturday morning cuddles :)

Blowing raspberries 

Jackson helping Parker learn how to clap

My monthly photo shoots haven't been going very well ever since Parker became mobile.  This month, however, he seemed to love the camera and I got some super cute pictures!  

Happy 10 months, Parker!  We love you!!