Friday, November 6, 2009

12 and Counting! Welcome to Efram Moroni Kaouk!

If it wasn't obvious by the title. Then I'll spell it out. Trisha and Moroni had their little boy Wednesday November 4th  about 2:30pm. I think he was 8 lbs 9 oz. and about 21" in length.Courtney and I were able to go and see Trisha and Efram at the hospital Wednesday evening. He is so adorable. That makes the 12th to my total of nieces and nephews. Pretty exciting. Trisha said that all went well and she is glad to have this over with. She is not sure, however, what it'll be like to have a baby and two other little ones as well.  I think having Moroni home and with Mom and Dad coming into town in less than two weeks things will be ok.

I'm sorry to say it Richard, Kate and Adelle, but I think he has more hair than Adelle at one year. It might help that his hair is dark black and Adelle's is really blond. He seemed to be doing really well. Then we got an email yesterday that one of his lungs partially collapsed and that there was a hole in it. The Doctors say that this is normal and were keeping a close eye on Efram. Apparently after a day the hole was smaller. Trisha and Moroni hope to be able to bring him home when Trisha is released today.

I finally figured out how to post pictures to this!! Yay!
Isn't he adorable with his chubby little cheeks!

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