Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Life-Changing Weekend

I can honestly say my weekend was life changing. Let me go back to Wednesday of last week to give some background. Wednesday morning our Professor announced that we would have Thursday and Friday off in order to work on and finish our projects due Monday at midnight. I decided I would take the full opportunity of having class off to complete it so I could enjoy the three day weekend with my wife. After 14+ hours and 20 pages later I finished Friday afternoon about 4pm. What a relief that was. When I turned it in only one other person had turned theirs in. I felt sorry for the rest of the class that would start their projects over the weekend and find out that it was bigger than they thought. Anyways, I was excited to have the weekend to relax with Courtney.

Saturday morning Courtney and I slept in. I got up to make breakfast and while I was doing so Courtney came in with my phone and told me that my mom had called. I called back casually, unsure as to why she had called me. Little did I expect it to be what she would soon explain to me. My dad had a minor heart attack Friday night . . . My dad is 56 years old.  The P-90X guy is 51. How could this be? Never would I have expected to hear those words so soon. She explained that he was alright and that they were going to do some tests to see if he needed a splint put in, surgery performed or simply take medicine to prevent future occurrences. Those 3 hours of waiting seemed to take forever. Courtney and I were looking up flights to Seattle and trying to do anything to keep ourselves distracted. We talked and waited. Finally the news came. There was no heart damage it was only a small artery that was blocked and medicine would be enough to help future attacks. What a relief. I was so a mom was through the whole thing. I was amazed at how strong my mom was through the whole. She is strong and amazing woman. She was even teasing my dad about his over zealousness to eat healthy.(just a salad and water) I'd probably do the same thing if I were in his place. i could imagine how scared I'd be.

As Courtney and I talked that day I told her, and later my dad, how grateful I was that he never passed up an opportunity to tell us how much he loved us and was proud of us. I told Courtney, and later my dad, that there was never a doubt that he loved me and was proud of me. I'm grateful to the Lord that he saw fit to spare my dad a little longer. I know he has many more lives to bless with his love. When I talked to him on the phone he said something to the effect of hurry up and give me some more grand babies so I can come and spoil them. I love my dad and am grateful for him and his example of love and service.

I have learned that I will never pass up an opportunity to tell my loved ones how much I love and appreciate them. I don't want them to ever doubt that. I hope that all those who read this will take the opportunity to tell their loved ones they love them whenever they can. We never know what the Lord has in store for us. May we live each day to its fullest.

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