Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Things Come in Groups

Yesterday was a crazy day. First, and most important, I've become and uncle for the 13th time!!!! Scott and Jessica gave birth to a cute little girl named Alix yesterday! I don't have any pictures other than the one on my phone to share. Both Jessica and Alix are doing well. I'll leave it to them to share pictures and stories of the whole thing. Courtney and I are happy for them!

Second, I received a phone call yesterday from my new boss. Yes, that is right. I got a job. It is working in the Religious Department of BYU for IT that handles all of their needs. So there will be some customer service, some web development, and some networking as they replace 1/3 of their computers each year. I was hesitant to get a job during school; however, seeing as I have never gotten a call back for any internship I've applied for, getting some job experience was a close second. I figured getting the job now and carrying it through the summer would be easier than looking only for the summer seeing as how there was a need to fill this position. I was able to be flexible and few people if any new of the job making my chances of getting it greater. We don't need the money but I need the experience. I'm excited and hope that this turns out well.

Sadly, with that news comes some sad news. Due to the extra 15 -20 hours a week of work I'll be adding. I will have to say goodbye to working in the temple. I've been working in the temple the past year now with Courtney and we have loved it. We have been grateful to the Lord for the experience. We will miss it. Hopefully this will not be the last time we serve in the temple. Some of my projects for school have been taking me upwards of 50+ hours, so with work added on to that I didn't feel I could handle everything.

Lastly, Courtney's parents are visiting. We spent the day with them in Salt Lake City Monday. Tuesday they spent the day with Courtney's grandpa. They are spending the rest of the week here with us through Friday. Courtney and I are really excited to have the two of them here with us. Hopefully they can relax and enjoy themselves a little before heading home.

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