Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Light Bulb Moment

I'm not sure anyone other than Courtney has really seen how down I have been recently. I'm sure even Courtney knows every reason why and to what extent.

With the beginning of the semester came a huge work load, which brought the feeling of being thrown into a graduate level class three weeks into the semester. Piled on top of that the need to find an internship and quick. Followed by the fact that I still haven't started preparing for the G-MAT(business test required to get into graduate school to receive a masters degree) and that time was running out to study and take it before the application into the master's program is due.

All of this left me in a real funk the early part of March. Thanks to Courtney's love and support, she pushed me to get me to the temple on the evening of January 14th. Going was what broke me out of my funk. Feeling better and realizing all was in the Lord's hands I've continued on still wondering the same questions. Not sure what i was going to do.

Today I had 5 interviews with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints IT departments for different internship opportunities. At the end of one interview I asked what I could do to improve my value to recruiters in the future, seeing as I have no actual work experience other than these classes and most of my classmates do. She said something in combination with the spirit of the Lord that changed me. She said I'm not looking for experience so much as I'm looking for desire and a passion for the work.

This simple sentence seems small and insignificant, however, to me it was what I needed to hear. I have value!!! I knew that the Lord feels I have value. I knew that I had something to offer these companies that I'm applying to. I don't have experience, but I do have a desire and a passion.

I'm grateful to a Heavenly father who loves me and sees my value. I know things will be ok in the future and that I have something to offer when I go into an interview. I love my wife for her love and support. I know as we turn to our Father in Heaven he will always be waiting with his arms outstretched to us.

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