Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stocked Up, Snowed In, Home Sick on a Sunday

Last week was great. I didn't get much accomplished with all the distractions around me, but it was a fun week. Courtney's parents were in town and it was nice to spend time with them. Poor things were sick the whole time, hopefully they were able to relax and enjoy themselves. We are grateful for them stocking our fridge, freezer and cupboards. I don't think we'll have to buy much the next month. It is awesome. I don't think we ever have this much food at one time.

Unfortunately, Courtney and I got sick too. I got a really bad flu Thursday night with a fever of 102 that didn't break until later Friday night. Now Courtney and I are just trying to shake our congestion, coughs and sore throats. We haven't slept too well this weekend and haven't really left our couch. I guess we should have waited a week to clean it.(funny how that works)

We got some snow over the weekend. Courtney says it is melting away. I wouldn't know, I haven't really looked outside.

I'm writing because I start work Tuesday and I don't know how much time I'll have to write during the week. this is my way of staying in the habit of posting something. My hope is that next time it'll be more interesting.

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