Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have been thinking about you this past week as your birthday approached and some scriptures came to mind. In Moroni 7:44-48, Moroni talks about charity. (Click the reference to read the verses.) As I thought about Moroni's words describing what charity is, I realized that you contain many if not all of those qualities. You are one of the greatest examples of charity in my life. As it reads in verse 47, "charity is the pure love of Christ." I want to thank you for always trying to bring that love, even the love of Jesus Christ, into our home growing up and even now as we are 1000 miles apart. I love you and am grateful for you!

You are an amazing women to put up with so many kids. I would say that we all have turned out really well because of you. Thanks for your patience and support. I know that I can always come to you for anything. As I grow older I become more and more appreciative for the things you have done for me personally. I can see how important God is in your life by the choices you have made and continue to make.

I know this is simple. I just wanted you to know that I love and appreciate you. I wish you all the best on this your birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

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