Thursday, February 16, 2012

2 weeks old!!

That's right!  Our little Jackson turned 2 weeks old on Tuesday!  I can't believe we've already had him for 2 weeks, and at the same time it seems like so much longer than that.  I'm working on a blog post about his birth story during the very few minutes of downtime I have that isn't spent eating, sleeping, or showering, so hopefully that will be coming soon.  But in the meantime, here are some fun things about our little guy.

Jackson loves to cuddle with anyone that will hold him!  He also loves to be wrapped up in a blanket to keep him nice and warm.

He is not a fan of having his diaper or clothes changed, especially after his circumcision on Monday.  He used to keep his hands by his face all the time, but after his surgery one hand always shoots down to protect his manhood when we change his diaper :)  Jackson is also a champion pee-er.  He had a pretty awesome fountain the other night while mommy and daddy were changing his diaper.  It arched past his changing area and right into his pack-n-play!  It is pretty rare when we go a whole day without changing his clothes due to a diaper explosion of some sort.  Here are a few pictures Grandma and Mommy took while he was awake, right before he peed on mommy's bed :)

Just Chillin'!  He totally posed like that on his own!
 Jackson's two favorite places to sleep are in his bouncer with the vibrator on ...

... or cuddling in bed with mommy and daddy.

Jackson has done some tummy time on the quilt his Aunt Trisha made for him.  He did pretty well for a couple of minutes while Grandma took lots of pictures, but then he decided he was done.

Jackson had his first sponge bath.  We are still waiting for his umbilical cord to fall off so we can give him a real bath.  Don't let the pictures fool you, he actually screamed through a good chunk of his bath. 
This isn't so bad ...

Too Cold!!!
I've got my binky now ... life isn't too bad.

All nice and warm again :)  Thanks Aunt Trisha for the great towel!

And one last picture of our cute little Jackson!  I just love it when he smiles!  


  1. Your little man is so stinkin cute I cannot get over it!!!

  2. Aw how fun! My little Jackson is 5 months old and trying to press the keyboard keys right now. How time flies...or dosent actually. Its been a long freakin 5 months. HAH!

  3. What a cutie pie!! I especially love the picture of you cuddling in bed with Jackson... such a wonderful feeling to be cuddled next to your baby :) Hope you're adjusting to things. There are times where it can be overwhelming and exhausting, but you are surrounded by friends who love you and want to help! Congrats again on such a handsome little guy!

  4. Precious! Love the updates. I see a little of you both in him=)