Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Bachelor For A Week

Court and Jackson left me Wednesday night to go visit her family for a week, leaving me alone. Let me tell you, it has been an interesting experience thus far. When it is during the week things aren't so bad. I work all day, come home and eat, get stuff done and chat with Court and Jackson. By this time it is already time for bed. It is funny, people at work felt sorry for me and sent me home with some goodies! Awesome. However, now the weekend has hit and I have lots of time and the house is quiet. I've been trying to keep busy, mostly reading and doing odd things around the house. Courtney even planned a BBQ at our place and invited some friends over to keep me company. It was very kind of her. I had a great time. My friends, feeling sorry for me as well, left me some food to get me through. I'm stocked until Court comes back. I can cook, but why cook when it is just me around?

One thing I've learned these few days is how much I love and miss Courtney and Jackson. Even if Jackson can be lots of work and cause lack of sleep, I miss his laugh and smile. Court called on the way from the airport to her parents place because Jackson was so tired he couldn't be calmed down. I started to sing to him over the phone and he calmed down and fell asleep shortly after. It made me feel good to know that he would calm down for me. I miss having my best friend sleeping next to me at night. I miss her hugs and kisses. I'm grateful for phones and Skype so we can stay in touch until they both come home.

Ultimately, I don't think I would choose to go back to the way things were before I was married. I love being a husband and father!

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  1. Phew--I'm glad you decided you want them back! It would be a liiiiiiittle bit awkward if the bachelor life appealed to you more.