Sunday, September 9, 2012

7 months!

So, yet again, I'm late on Jackson's post.  This is due to the rough couple of weeks our little man has had.  I wanted to take some cute 7 month pictures of him, but he had a nasty cut on his ear that we were trying to help heal, so on his 7 month birthday he had a lovely band-aid across his ear and face.  That finally healed, but then right afterward he came down with hand, foot, and mouth disease!  Poor guy was not a very happy baby.  Before that was gone, he got another cold.  So it's been an interesting week here in the Ward house.  He's finally on the up and up and just has a little lingering cough and runny nose. 

At 7 months, Jackson ...
- has 2 teeth (the bottom front teeth) and they are super cute :)
- LOVES to babble!  He says "dadadada" a lot, which makes Shawn a very happy daddy, and our favorite is when he sounds like he is saying "hey dad".
- is getting better at sitting up on his own.  I think our record is 24 seconds.  However, he usually decides it is more fun to throw himself backwards onto the bed/pillow/whatever is behind him, so he doesn't stay up for very long.
- grabs EVERYTHING!  This morning he grabbed my cereal bowl and almost dumped it on the floor.  He has a very good grip.
- is very smiley and giggly.  He likes to be silly and to play with daddy and mommy!
- shakes his head back and forth when he is done with his bottle to tell us "no".  He also shakes his head "no" in response to other questions like "did you have a good nap?", but we are pretty sure that he is just being silly since it is usually accompanied by a big grin ;)
- is getting better at playing by himself for longer periods of time, which helps free up some arms for mommy and daddy.  But once he sees us he remembers that we aren't holding him and starts getting fussy.
- is very wiggly!  We now have to strap him into his bouncer and swing because he arches his back and rolls out of them.  Last Saturday when Shawn went to go get him out of his swing after he woke up, he found Jackson face down on the floor :(  No more naps in the swing.
- sleeps about 11 hours on most nights which makes mommy, daddy and Jackson happy.
- is very good with Cindy who watches him while I am at school.  She has a small in-home daycare around the corner from our house and is the sweetest lady!  We are very lucky to have found her.
- is working on "high fives" with mommy.  He is pretty good at it!
- has no interest in eating finger foods.  He is a very good eater as far as baby food goes, and even tried chicken (the baby food kind) for his 7 month birthday and went to town!  But every time we have given him finger foods (baby puffs, watermelon, etc.) he doesn't even want it in his mouth.
- loves our cell phones!  Any time we are on the phone, he grabs it and puts it straight in his mouth.  He also likes to look at the baby in the picture on the cell phone

Here are some fun pictures from the last month!
We took Jackson to his first baseball game at the beginning of the month. 
Trip to the zoo with the Stuarts!  We forgot to take pictures so we grabbed this one on our way out.
Jackson decided that rather than laying on his playmat, he wanted to pull it up closer to him to play with this toys :)
Look at those eyelashes!
We had a cool double rainbow after a big rainstorm last week and had to get a picture!
Jackson's new high chair!
Loves the cell phone
Mmmm, good :)