Monday, October 15, 2012

Picking Pumpkins!

Saturday Court, Jackson and I went to Hee Haw Farm with my sister Trisha, her husband Moroni and their kids Arianna, Isabel and Efram to pick pumpkins and do some other fun things. It was Jackson's first time and he had a blast. There was a hayride, pumpkins, a giant slide, animals, a train and much more.
Just got out of the car and Jackson is already having fun!
Here is Jackson making friends with a horse!

Say what? What an awesome face. I'm glad Courtney caught it!

Courtney, Jackson and I on a hayride! Did you catch the kid in the background?

Jackson loving the ride!

My nieces Arianna and Isabel and nephew Efram! Very adorable!

Trisha, her kids and us! Check out those sunflowers!

Jackson loving his pumpkin!

What a handsome boy!

Looks like we found our pumpkins!

Family picture time!

This was a makeshift train pulled around by a tractor. Jackson loved it!

Courtney, Jackson, Efram and Arianna

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