Sunday, November 11, 2012

9 months!

Halloween was a special day not only because it was Jackson's first Halloween, but he also turned 9 months old!  He is a super fun, super happy baby that we just absolutely adore!  I took Jackson in to his 9 month check up last Monday and he is finally gaining weight!  He is 19 lbs (40th percentile) and 31.5 inches (98th percentile).  Our little guy definitely went through a growth spurt during the last 3 months!  Here are some fun things about Jackson:

At 9 months, Jackson ...
- is a master roller/scooter!  He can get just about anywhere he wants rolling and scooting - now if we could just get him to crawl ;)
- is getting pretty good at standing with support
- can hold his own bottle, when he wants to
- is getting to be so much fun!  He loves to giggle and play silly games with mommy and daddy
- has been going through a stranger danger phase and is not super happy when mommy and daddy leave him with a babysitter to go on a date
- is starting to like finger foods.  His favorites right now are cheerios, sweet potato flavored puffs, and rolls. 
- is getting a ton of teeth on his top.  Remember those two teeth I talked about being swollen at his 8 month post?  Yeah, they are just breaking through this weekend.  Poor guy has had a rough month and a half with his 4 top teeth going in and out.  One of the side teeth finally broke through last week, and the two middle teeth are almost out.  The other side one is hopefully following soon!
- is learning how to wave!
- is now taking baths in the "big boy bath tub"

Here are some fun pictures from the last month.

What does Jackson do when you give him two pacifiers?
This ...
or that!
Rolling under the chair while watching Mickey Mouse!
In case you can't tell, Jackson loves his binky!

Jackson decided his play mat was more fun when he pulls it over him ;)

Jackson's first big boy bath!  He loves bath night!
Watching Micky Mouse with daddy - even the kids at daycare know how much he loves Mickey!
Jackson's new toy from Grandma Brown! 
He started just chewing on the balls, but now is really good at putting the balls on the ramps
and watching them go down.  He also loves the lights and music!
Playing with the "baby in the mirror" while mommy dries her hair!


  1. He is seriously such a handsome guy! Love the dimples and beautiful eyes & smile! He looks like a happy guy! Hope you all are doing well!

  2. The picture under the "Jackson loves his binky" caption is, like, the CUTEST BABY PICTURE EVER!!!!!!!