Thursday, August 28, 2014

Parker's Birth Story

Seeing as how Parker is now over 2 months, I figured it was about time to post his birth story.  It is MUCH different, and a lot less eventful, than Jackson's.  About a month before my due date, my doctor asked if I would be interested in being induced early (between 39 and 40 weeks) if Parker hadn't already come.  Being a planner by nature, and getting more and more sore by the day, I happily agreed. :)  A couple of weeks later, we set the induction date for Monday, June 23 (three days before my due date) at 5:00 am.

Monday, June 23
4:50 am - Shawn and I got to the hospital and checked in.  After getting to our room, we waited about another half hour for our nurse to come in and get things going.  They had just had a delivery when we got there, and had to wrap things up first.

6:00 am - After going through the normal round of questions, the nurse hooked me up to an IV and started my pitocin.  I was dilated to 3 cm and 70-80% effaced.  It was really bizarre to be able to calmly wait for the contractions to start, since I was already in labor (and in a lot of pain) when we got to the hospital with Jackson.

6:30 am - My contractions started coming more regularly.

8:00 am - The anesthesiologist came in so I could get an epidural.  At that point, the labor pain was just starting to get uncomfortable.  However, he was on his way to a c-section, so it was epidural then, or wait a couple of hours.  I felt like getting the epidural was quite a bit more painful this time around.  I'm not sure if it actually was worse, or if my labor pain was so bad by the time I got it with Jackson that I didn't notice how uncomfortable it was!

8:30 am - My doctor came in to break my water.

9:00 am - Nap time!  This was a luxury I didn't get with Jackson, and it was so nice!  Before I fell asleep, I was dilated to about 4 cm and I think between 80 and 90% effaced.

10:10 am - The nurse came in to wake me up because my contractions looked like they were getting more intense.  When she checked I was dilated to 6 cm!  She said it was time to start rounding everyone up, since going from 6 cm to 10 cm tends to go pretty quickly.  And she wasn't kidding ...

10:40 am - I was completely dilated and effaced, and I started feeling a lot of pressure from Parker.

10:58 am - I started pushing.

11:01 am - Parker was born!  He was 8 lbs 8 oz, 21 inches long, and totally healthy!

We loved being able to have Parker with us in the room at the hospital, cuddling him whenever we wanted.  Shawn's parents came to visit us at the hospital shortly after, and then my mom brought Jackson to meet his new brother after his nap.  Jackson was so excited to see Parker!  My mom showed him a picture of Parker before they came, and he spent the whole 30 minute drive up talking about his baby brother and asking to see another picture.  He's been a great big brother ever since!

Getting all cleaned up
First time cuddling with mommy :)
Meeting Grandma Ward
Meeting Grandpa Ward
Nap time with daddy

Parker's first bath
Meeting Grandma Brown
Jackson giving Parker some loves :)

Jackson coming to bring Parker home!
Such a good big brother!
Our handsome boys!
Getting ready to go home
Jackson read books to Parker the whole way home from the hospital :)


  1. Congrats! Somehow I missed the birth- I knew you were pregnant at least! Just lost track of the due date! But I'm glad everything went well! How are you guys adjusting to 2?

  2. We had my parents and then Shawn's parents stay with us for the first 5 weeks, which was a HUGE help! Now it is going pretty well. I had both boys napping at the same time for a few weeks, but Parker has changed his naps a bit, so I am working on getting that back so I can get a nap too ;)