Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Last night the boys (Shawn included) all got haircuts.  It was Parker's FIRST haircut, Jackson's first haircut by mommy, and Shawn's first haircut by me in years!  I decided that since I now have 2 boys, and boys need their hair cut often, I should probably learn how to do it.  Also, Shawn was ready to even out Parker's hair, since he looked like a baby Einstein in the back and had a sweet comb-over in the front :)

Shawn cut Parker's hair while I held him.  At first, he was just kind of curious and trying to see the clippers.  Then he realized that he really didn't like this whole hair cutting thing, and cried the rest of the time :(  But, the end result looked great!
After - He was not a happy baby :(
Jackson hated haircuts with a passion up until about a year ago.  Then, all of a sudden it was no big deal.  When we told him we were going to cut his hair last night, he was actually really excited!  He did about a well as you could expect for a 3 year old.  At first, he was pretty good, but then he had a hard time sitting still.  I cut the sides and top of his hair, but was having a hard time blending since he moves his head so much and I'm not very good at it yet.  So Shawn and I traded, and I held Parker, who was still upset from his haircut, and Shawn finished off blending and Jackson's neckline and ears.  It was a good team effort!
After - poor Jackson was SUPER hairy when we finished!
Check out his shoulders!
After we got the boys bathed and asleep, I cut Shawn's hair.  I didn't take any before and after pictures though.  But I think I did an okay job!  Here's to saving $40 a month on haircuts!!

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