Monday, March 2, 2015

Parker is 8 months!

Our little Parker turned 8 months last Monday, on the 23rd!  He is getting so big and so fun!  At 8 months, Parker ...

- still just has his 2 front bottom teeth, but is cutting his top two teeth;

- sits up on his own really well;

- is really good at getting around by rolling and scooting on the floor;

- loves to growl!  Parker and Jackson growl back and forth to each other all the time, and then both start laughing.  It is pretty hilarious!  He also likes to growl as a way to say hello;

- is a really good eater!  He loves all of the fruit baby food, oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, and has gotten a lot of better at eating other vegetables and chicken meals.  He also loves Cheerios, puffs.  This week, he tried banana yogurt, shredded cheese, and a graham cracker and loved them all!

- is getting better at defending himself against Jackson ;)  Sometimes Jackson loves Parker a little too much and rolls on top of him, so Parker has started rolling back on top of Jackson;

- loves talking to daddy on the phone!  When Shawn calls on his way home from work, Parker gets a big smile on his face and starts growling and laughing into the phone;

- likes to pat me on the back/shoulder when I am holding him;

- loves to chew on our toes ... he rolls/scoots over to our feet, grabs our toes, and starts chomping.  It's pretty funny :)

- has a wonderful laugh that always makes us smile!

Parker loves the swings at the park!
Parker also loves to eat!
We recently trained Parker to sleep in his crib (he was napping in his swing)
without being swaddled.  Turns out he is a tummy sleeper, just like Jackson! 
Parker trying cheese for the first time, and LOVING IT!

This is Parker's new trick.  He does it all the time, and we get a kick out of it :)

Happy 8 months, Parker!!  We love you!
This is his growling face :)

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