Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Parker is 9 months!

Parker turned 9 months on Monday, March 23!  He just keeps getting more and more fun and learns more all the time.  At 9 months, Parker ...

- has 3 teeth (two bottom and one top middle) and is cutting his other top middle tooth;

- typically sleeps between 10-11 hours at night, and takes two naps anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours (he's still kind of inconsistent);

- is great at getting around!  He uses a combination of rolling and army crawling, and he can pretty much get anywhere that he wants to.  He also gets up on his hands and knees into a crawling position and rocks back and forth, and several times has even taken a "crawl" step or two.  He'll be crawling before we know it!

- he has recently discovered he can venture out onto the tile floor, and it makes cool noises when you bang toys on it;

- is getting really good at giving high-fives;

- is a little obsessed with chewing on our toes -- he actually makes his way over to our feet, grabs them, and starts chewing on our toes, and then gets really upset if we take them away.  He also loves chewing on shoes;

- has tried and really enjoys eating cheese (shredded and string cheese), rice, apples, goldfish, and animal crackers.  Daddy even snuck him a piece of cookie the other day and he was very excited!

- has become a very messy and distracted eater; he likes to be entertained while he's eating and Jackson does a great job of that :)

- is a very persistent little boy -- when he wants something, he keeps going until he gets to it;

- likes to get into -- and try to eat -- all things that he shouldn't play with; for example, the garbage bag, my computer, any power cords within reach;

Here are some fun pictures of Parker at 9 months!
Parker is really starting to like blocks ... but he mostly just bangs them together
Parker was having a hard time with naps for a couple of weeks,
and got to cuddle with mommy one afternoon 
Now that he's more mobile, he gets stuck under things more often :)
Not quite sure about the hat ...
Discovering the tile!
Parker also refuses to keep bibs on, even the ones that button
This is the, "It wasn't me, mom!" face!
Jackson and Parker now take baths together, and LOVE it!
They are becoming really good buddies :)
The "gangsta" pose
I love when they cuddle :)

"What are you lookin' at?"
Happy 9 months Parker!!  We love you!!

I can't put him on the floor anymore for pictures, because he just escapes.

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