Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baseball fun!

Now that we have three boys we are seeing more and more that our boys want and need more one on one time with Courtney and I. Having a new baby, the older boys get less attention. This is normal when you have a baby who depends on others wholly in order to survive. In an effort to help the older boys to not feel forgotten Court and I have talked about things we could do give them the individualized attention they crave. I thought it would be fun to take one or both older boys to a baseball game.

Saturday was the last game of the regular season for BYU baseball. We decided to take the whole family. It was a lot of fun. The boys didn't care too much about the game. They were more interested in the mascot, Cosmo Cougar. Here are some of the highlights.

Here is everyone with Cosmo. Parker was not too sure about Cosmo.

Xander lost it multiple times whenever the crowd cheered loudly.

Parker was really interested in the folding seats and cup holders for his sippy cup.

Jackson would repeat every cheer or shout I would shout. It was pretty cute.

Throughout the game I would try to explain different things to Jackson who would express interests occasionally.

I told him our team was in white and blue. The rest of the game he would yell out stuff about the "white guys". It was funny.

At one point Jackson cheered for the other team. I told him that we don't cheer for the other team. We want them to get out. He matter of factly told me, "but he wants to be in!" Court, the people in front of us and I couldn't keep from laughing out loud. I said stifling a laugh, "Yes, Jackson. That is true."

He also cheered multiple time while we were on defense. "Nice catch. Good serve!"

Overall, it was a lot of fun and the boys had a great time. Hopefully, we'll continue to find fun things to do with the boys and as a whole family in the future.

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