Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The title of this post gives the idea that this will be a very contemplative and deep discussion of things learned. Sorry, no promises. This post will touch on recent things past some things deeper than others. I'll start light.

Last week, I went in to find out the results of my sleep test that I had done a few weeks prior. It turns out on a good night I have upwards of 83 awakenings per night!! Crazy huh?! That was a good night of sleep for me. The doctor said I was just shy of getting 8 hours of sleep. So when you combine all 83 awakenings it totaled about a half an hour in all. That surprised me. I found out I have mild obstructive sleep apnea. It was explained to me that there is no high risk of any health problems. It was my choice whether or not to pursue anything further. Well, I went in because I can't remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed, feeling that I had a good night sleep. I'm tired of being tired all the time. Court and I decided to do what needs to be done to get better sleep.

Our doctor explained I had three options. One, Surgery. Two, a mouth guard that would hold my jaw forward. Three, a CPAP machine that would keep my airway open during the night by forcing air into my mouth and or nose. She explained that the third option was best. So, March 19th I have another sleep test to find out what pressure of air is needed to keep may airway open. After which I will get a machine to sleep with. It seems odd to me that I, a 26 year old, would be sleeping with this kind of machine. I see it is something someone older would use like my parents. Well I guess if it helps me, and in turn Courtney, sleep better than I'm all for it.

This is now my second week of work with the IT department for the Religious Department at BYU. I love it! It is a fun job, when I'm not helping someone, I'm getting paid to play with new software and learn new things to better be able to do my job. Last Friday I played with Adobe Photoshop and took some tutorials while there was nothing else to do. Most of the time I have never addressed problems that I'm asked to solve. Usually with the help of google and other resources I am able to figure out these problems. I just have to laugh. I guess I'm getting paid because I'm good at finding answers to problems and am good at following instructions on how to solve things. I guess you could say I'm good at troubleshooting too. All in all, it is a fun job. I like the people I work with. My only worry, is that working this job will be time away from my school work. On some projects there doesn't seem to be enough time in the world to finish. I hope the Lord sees fit to magnify me and my time to be able to balance my time out well and get things done that need to be done.

Courtney and  I are still sick. It has almost been two weeks now. We are doing much better though, and we can't wait to finally rid ourselves of this. This past weekend we flew out for the funeral of my Grandpa Ward. It was a very nice funeral. It was good to be with family and to remember his life. I heard a lot of stories about him that I had never heard before. He was, and is a great man. I think the most eye opening experience was dressing his body for the funeral. What an experience to be there with my father, brothers, and uncles dressing my grandpa to prepare his body for the life to come. I know that after we die we go to the spirit world and that are bodies lie here until they are called during the resurrection. For some reason I have been uncomfortable at funerals. I shrink at seeing dead people. However, as we were dressing my grandpa, I knew he was not there. It was just his body. He was in a better place.

I know that Heavenly Father lives and loves us! I know his plan for us was to allow us to have experiences in this life, to learn and to grow and then return home to him again. I know Jesus Christ is center to that plan. I know that he lived as our exemplar. I know that he suffered for us in Gethsemane and died on the cross and was resurrected three days later. I know that he loves us! If we come unto him and repent, he can make us clean. It is only through him that we can return to our Heavenly Father again! I'm grateful for this knowledge and the peace and happiness it brings to me. I'm grateful that families can be together forever. I know that I'll see my grandpa again.

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